Animatr – A first introduction

In this post I want to briefly introduce you to my most recent project called „animatr“. Animatr is a tool to create canvas animations. I will focus on advertisements but in theory you can create all types of animations and sizes. Even playing a video within the animation is possible.

The first version was developed about a year ago and was based on fabric.js But very soon I felt the framework limited me to their features. So I quickly decided to rewrite it as a web app on my own. Due to some specific webkit/chrome features I decided to finally rewrite the project using Google’s Dart and to make an app out of it using node-webkit.

The latest and third version is based on Google Dart, Node-Webkit and Polymer. While polymer is the replacement for web-ui.

I will write follow up blogs about concepts and code I use while developing animatr and give you examples. So far I can tell that detailed examples are rare. That’s why I felt to blog about it myself.

My blog

I have been thinking for years now if I should start blogging or not. Finally I decided to do so 🙂

I will be blogging about all web topics I will deal with. Nevertheless I want to focus on Dart + Polymer I have been working on recently.